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At Cornerstone Wellness Center, we offer a holistic approach to regaining and enjoying a life of naturally good health and wellness. Our supportive staff, relaxing environment and diverse menu of services, provide you with the means to achieve a higher level of wellness and a healthier lifestyle. Our technicians masterfully blend modalities and individually tailor programs to meet your unique needs. Through education and support, you will become an active participant in your own health care and regain a life of strength and vitality.



Dr. Moore’s Famous Dynamic Coco Bites


Dr. Moore’s Dynamic Coco Bites

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  • I started going to Cornerstone because I had a very bad back due to lifting heavy buckets in the florist business. I was happy to get some relief that really changed my life. Then later when I fell down my stairs I had an ongoing pain in my hip that finally went away after chiropractic treatments from Cornerstone. Also, my knee used to flare up every so often during a flower holiday and that has finally stopped! No more flare ups! Thanks, Cornerstone!

    M.S. from St. Peter

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